A2W Estates Limited
The housing deficit in Nigeria as at 2007 was put at 17 million housing units. The state of the economy, weak income profile, lack of financial intelligence and non-availability of affordable housing units have been major reasons why most Nigerians can’t afford to own homes or live in decent accommodation.
A2W Estates is, therefore, providing a great opportunity for people to own quality, affordable accommodation and build assets on their way to financial freedom using real estate as a key medium to earn passive income and become financially free.
A2W Estates is creating an opportunity for people to pay for two types of projects: On-Going Projects and Off-Plan Projects
On-Going Projects are projects to be completed in the next 12-months while Off-Plan projects would be completed in 24-months or 36-months.
Payment Plans:
  • Fractionally in installments of 25% of the cost of the housing unit.
  • Fractionally in installments of 50% of the cost of the housing unit.
  • In full with a one-time payment