Perfect Ambience, Secure Location, Impressive audiovisuals, Air Conditioned rooms, Standby Generators, Ample Parking Space and Excellent Convenience are good adjectives to describe “Our Place”

A2W Estates

The Marquee
This 600 capacity fully air-conditioned state-of-the-art tent is the perfect spot for your occasions. Whether it be a wedding, an award ceremony, an AGM, the serene atmosphere brings your event to life in an amazing way!

Meeting/Seminar Rooms


With standard and world-class lighting, sound, and visual aids (like the projector), your program is already halfway a success before you commence!
We have several rooms with training and seminar standards, comfortable, and are fully equipped with the needed audiovisuals to make your event hitch-free and efficient.
There are different room sizes for respective audience numbers: 200-seater, 80-seater, 40-seater, etc.

Below are the halls and the general prices

Hall Capacity Cost
Silver Hall Banquet 40
Cinema 50
N120,000 (8hours)
Sapphire Hall Banquet 100
Cinema 120
N300,000 (8hours)
Platinum Banquet 350
Cinema 500
N700,000 (8hours)