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April 3, 2022
Windows Hdr Calibration App Is Coming To Windows 11
May 2, 2022


The Taskbar is now centered at the bottom of the screen, making it look similar to the Dock on a Mac, and it has a cleaner look . You’ll be able to access your personalized Widgets directly from the Taskbar, too. You, the knowledgeable Windows expert, the IT professional, and the snarky ZDNet pundit… you can extend that rollback period from its 10-day default to a full 60 days with a few quick commands. The magic happens courtesy of the Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool (Dism.exe), which is built into all modern versions of Windows.

Network and HostnameOn the far right, flip the networking button ‘ON’. If you are in a DHCP environment, your system will automatically pick an IP address download Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller drivers as shown below. Next, accept the summary of the changes by clicking on the ‘Accept Changes‘ button.

How To Disable Widgets In Windows 11

While Windows 11 has an all-new look and some significant new features, it’s some of the smaller touches that have really impressed us. Local Area Connections refers to a connection established to access Internet service. It is a feature of the Windows Operation System, which introduced the specific term. While installing Windows on a machine, the system itself assigns a local area connection to network adapter. The user can add one or more local area networks to which the system establishes a connection. Browse other questions tagged c windows debugging memory-leaks valgrind or ask your own question.

  • Microsoft says the change will improve reliability and security.
  • Thus, your device will work with minimal functionality, starting only the mandatory services, and avoiding third-party start-up programs.
  • Although some people say it’s just Windows 10 with a new coat of paint, Windows 11 adds a few new features, removes some old ones, and changes the look and feel of Windows in some subtle ways.

Once your Windows 10 PC restarts, you will be given a list of options. From here, press F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode, press F5 to start your PC in Safe Mode with Networking. System Configuration is a tool that can help identify problems that might prevent Windows from starting correctly.

How To Boot Into Safe Mode Using The Advanced Startup Tool

This is the latest addition to the anti-malware application. It provides an additional layer of protection against ransom wares. It can be used to protect specific folders, files, and even some PC RAM aspects against untrusted applications trying to gain access.

How To Uninstall Sims

From what I’ve seen, even though there are a few awkward spots, Windows 11 is off to a good start. However, do a further check for a Driver model in the “Display” tab. In the following example, the driver model is WDDM 1.3, which is not a good sign.

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